Adrienne is a pet aftercare provider dedicated to supporting pets and their people through their pet aftercare journey.  Adrienne completed her BScN in Toronto, and during her nursing career spanning 25 years, cared for patients in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at The Hospital for Sick Children and in the USA, worked in industry on clinical drug trials and in medical device sales, and held leadership roles in the senior care sector.  


Adrienne is a lifelong pet lover who identified opportunities to improve the pet aftercare journey after the loss of 2 senor pups in late 2019 and founded EVERMORE Compassionate Pet Aftercare in 2021.  Operating in Stratford, Ontario, Adrienne is committed to caring for pets with the same dignity and respect she expects for her own while providing a green alternative to flame-based cremation called Aquamation.

Lucy was my special girl and inspiration for finding a better way to return her to nature with dignity and honour after she passed. Lucy was rescued in 2006 when she was 6 months old and was just skin and bones.  I admit it was not love-at-first-sight, and honestly, the feeling was mutual. Long story short, Lucy was the best little companion anyone could hope for.


Because of Lucy, EVERMORE provides pet families with the compassionate and dignified pet aftercare I wanted for my own companions.  

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We offer a quiet space for honouring beloved companions
and paying final respects

We proudly offer Canadian artisanal, one-of-a-kind urns
and memorials befitting our one-of-a-kind pets

We operate the most innovative and environmentally safe technology available

We are a member of The International Association of Pet Cemeteries & Crematories 

EVERMORE offers an alternative to flame-based cremation commonly referred to as gentle water cremation or aquamation.  Like flame-based cremation, you may choose to have your companion’s remains returned to you following aquamation.

About Us

"EVERMORE is the realization of my commitment to finding a better way, and a local and compassionate option for pet aftercare and memorialization befitting our pets."

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