My pet has passed.  What should I do?

We offer our condolences for your loss.  You can wrap your pet in blankets or towels, and elevate their head if possible.  If you are unable to make immediate arrangements to transport your pet to your preferred aftercare provider, please consider relocating your pet to a cool enclosed space.

What is the difference between flame-based cremation and gentle water cremation?

Both aftercare options are alternatives to burial, however, cremation is an oxidative process while aquamation is a reductive process.  Gentle water cremation is essentially an accelerated version of what takes place in nature after burial.


Gentle water cremation uses one-tenth of the energy of traditional cremation, and no toxic gases are released into the environment. Incinerators used in cremation burn a great deal of fossil fuel to maintain their temperatures, releasing harmful emissions into the environment.

What areas do you serve?

We proudly serve Stratford, Kitchener-Waterloo, and surrounding areas. Please contact us to inquire about transportation services for your area.

What happens to my pet’s remains if I do not wish to have them returned?

The remains of pets of families opting for communal cremation will be lovingly scattered in accordance with municipal and provincial laws and guidelines.

How do I know I will receive the remains of my pet?

We understand the importance of having peace of mind knowing your pet will be returned to you.  Every pet has unique numbered stainless-steel ID discs engraved with the pet's name and used to track through the process.  As well, continuity through the process with one dedicated person ensures your pet will receive the careful attention to detail they deserve.


Where can I find more information about aftercare options?

Where else is pet Aquamation offered?

Pet Aquamation is offered around the world at about 250 locations.  We have 11 operators in Canada.  A directory of Canadian operators can be found here:

I would like to proceed with EVERMORE.  Now what?

Please contact EVERMORE for more information about services and to make arrangements for transportation.  Completion of this brief authorization form is required in advance of any service.

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