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We love our pets and for many of us, our relationships with them are profound and life-changing.  Our pets are a constant, seeing us through good and bad times, and after a pet passes away it is sometimes difficult to recognize ourselves without them.   And not everyone understands.

Since opening EVERMORE last year and meeting with bereaved pet parents, it became clear there is a need for local grief support.  Anyone experiencing pet loss or anticipatory grief is welcome to drop in.


Come to this safe and non-judgemental space where you may:

  • Talk to someone who understands pet loss grief

  • Borrow a book from our grief support library

  • Add a small photo of your pet to the memorial tree

  • Engage in activities to help cope with grief

  • Learn about resources available to support your grief journey

  • Pick up a memory box kit for children grieving the loss of a pet (includes a wooden box, paints, and paint brushes for $15)

There is no cost, and those who join us agree to maintain confidentiality and understand that grief support is not therapy.  

7:00 to 8:00

In our hearts for

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