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Adrienne in Stratford, Ontario, holding her two lovely dogs, a perfect moment capturing the bond ideal for a pet memorial.

For as long as I can remember, we had family pets while I was growing up; cats, dogs, birds, and gerbils.  A house just didn't seem like home without them.  As an adult, I looked forward to having a pet of my own, and Joey (centre), a sweet little Shih-Tzu-Poodle mix made me a dog mom.  Like many can relate, my world revolved around his needs and I was happy to dote on my little one.  

Two years after Joey, Lucy (left) was welcomed into our home.  She was 6 months old, painfully thin, and terrified. But Joey was happy to share everything and everyone with Lucy and taught her how to be a dog. Despite all the beautiful years in between, the goodbyes came all too soon and were among the most difficult times I have known. 

Joey passed on December 27, 2019, after his body could no longer keep up with his spirit. Though it was difficult, we gave Joey the gift of a peaceful passing surrounded by Lucy and the people who loved him.  I had never given any thought to the aftercare - or after-life care and assumed he would be cremated.  I asked when I could expect to receive Joey's remains and was surprised to learn that it would be a week or longer.  That question led to others, and the answers left me wanting something more worthy of the life I mourned.

When Lucy's health began to fail, I sought other options for her afterlife care. There weren't any at that time.  This set the wheels in motion to find a better way for me to honour Lucy after death and treat her like the family she was.  I figured I wasn't alone, and knew that other pet parents would welcome an option that rose to the standard we hold for family.  

EVERMORE opened on November 15, 2021.  Lucy was laid to peace at home surrounded by her family on December 24, 2021.  I cared for Lucy in death the way I cared for her in life with love, dignity, and respect.  

Providing pet families EVERMORE aftercare and memorial services is an honour that I observe in memory of all the pets we called family, especially Joey and Lucy.  EVERMORE has proudly served pet families in Stratford, Kitchener- Waterloo, Cambridge, Orangeville, St. Marys, Seaforth, London, Leamington, Brantford, Fergus, Blyth, Petrolia, Simcoe, Paris, Grand Bend, Dorchester, Norwich, and Guelph (and places in between).  I look forward to providing families dignified and beautiful farewells for years to come knowing that it matters.  

The end matters.

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