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We love and care for our pets during their lives, and the continuation of compassionate and respectful care throughout their afterlife care is what EVERMORE is committed to providing. This begins with personally transporting your beloved companion from your home or your veterinarian and continues with individual attention through to the delivery of memorials.

Arrangements can also be made for us to receive your pet should you choose to bring them directly to our EVERMORE comfort room where you can pay your final respects and browse memorials in person.  All it takes is a call.


Appointments are necessary to ensure we are available to you.

Pre-planning arrangements allow for peace of mind knowing that your pet's afterlife care is in keeping with your wishes.  There are a number of considerations and decisions to make that may be less difficult in advance of your loss.


Transportation within a 30 km radius of Stratford is no additional charge during regular business hours.
Please contact
EVERMORE for travel fees to your location outside this perimeter, and after regular business hours.

30 KM Radius


An ink paw print, fur clipping, and basic urn are included in EVERMORE services.  

Pet remains are returned, however pet families may choose to not receive them

and have them scattered on their behalf.  Please contact us for pricing.


Like flame-based cremation, gentle water cremation is priced according to weight categories and service type.  We offer two service options:

aquamation graphics-2.png

Pets are placed in a private partitioned compartment together with other partitioned pets in the vessel.  Families will receive the remains of their pet exclusively.

aquamation graphics-3.png

The pet is the sole pet in the vessel during the cycle.  Families will receive the remains of their pet exclusively.


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