A memorials' purpose is to honour and remember beloved pets, and selecting one is a matter of personal preference.  An urn is a type of memorial that is simply a resting place for the last earthly remains of a life we loved.  A pet urn can be just about anything, from a mason jar painted by a child, a purposefully crafted work of art, a vessel to nurture the growth of a memorial tree, to a beautiful pendant.  

To allow for time to select the perfect memorial, remains are returned to pet families in a complimentary biodegradable urn.  We are happy to transfer the remains from this urn to a memorial, or memorials, of your choice.

Supporting local is more important than ever, so it made sense to feature Canadian (local when possible) one-of-a-kind artisanal memorial urns worthy of our cherished one-of-a-kind pets.  It is an honour to showcase our exceptional Canadian talent.  The memorials featured here allow clients to select their memorial remotely and not for purchase online.