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Evermore compassionate pet afterlife aftercare euthanasia cremation pet loss aquamation stratford mobile veterinarian ontario canada

Local pet crematory providing pet cremation by aquamation and pet funeral services located in Stratford, Ontario offering custom and artisanal memorial urns and paw prints pet euthanasia and palliative care end-of-life

Honouring your pet and the bond you shared


Pets are family, and we share a bond with them that is unlike any other. Our pets bring us so much joy, and imagining life without them is very difficult.

Know that when it's time to say goodbye, you have options and choose how best to honour your beloved pet.


EVERMORE, located in Stratford, Ontario, exists because other afterlife care services don't rise to the standard we hold for family.



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We offer a quiet space for honouring beloved companions and paying final respects

Same day private transfer service and afterlife care

We proudly offer Canadian artisanal, one-of-a-kind urns and memorials befitting our one-of-a-kind pets

We operate the most innovative and environmentally safe technology available for pet cremation

Weekly in-person drop-in grief support and lending library


We are locally owned and owner-operated

We serve our community with love and respect for all.


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