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Oh, and listen to your mom...

Running a small business comes with its fair share of challenges. One significant hurdle is the requirement to purchase large quantities of inventory from suppliers or pay a lot more from distributors, and both options are prohibitive. It can be especially challenging when local options are scarce, the cost of shipping is high, and orders don't always arrive when needed. In our case, the standard bio-tubes we sourced from the GTA and included in EVERMORE afterlife care services have been problematic, both from a quality standpoint and with their intolerance of humidity in storage. So many urns were not acceptable for use and discarded. We needed a solution. Given our modest needs in terms of quantities, local/Canadian alternatives were scarce. “Why not 3D print your own?” my mother offered. This outside-the-box thinking led to the acquisition of a 3D printer.

By investing in a 3D printer, we realize numerous benefits:

  • We eliminate the need to rely solely on external suppliers, opening up innovative possibilities for our business.

  • Shipping costs and logistics can add significant overhead to a business's inventory management. By printing our urns in-house, we effectively eliminate the need to account for shipping expenses.

  • This solution allows us to maintain better quality control over the production process, ensuring our product is available when needed

  • Printing our urns eliminates the need for inventory management. We could produce urns on demand instead of maintaining a stockpile of pre-purchased items with the 3D printer.

  • By using a 3D printer, we gained the freedom to design and produce a custom urn tailored to our specific requirements. Through the months-long learning curve, we successfully developed a unique urn made from PLA, a biodegradable and eco-friendly material. The urns are attractive, feel good to hold, close with a screw-top lid, and are durable. Customizable for-purchase options are in the works too.

Taking the leap to produce our urns using a 3D printer is a game-changer for EVERMORE. In so doing we have overcome the challenges associated with purchasing inventory in large quantities, limited local options, high shipping costs, and unreliable orders. With the ability to create our own urns on-demand, we maintain control, eliminate inventory management hassles, and ensure our urns meet our quality standards. As a bonus, this sustainable and eco-friendly solution aligns with EVERMORE values and commitment to pet parents.

The new EVERMORE urns will be phased in as the inventory of our bio-tubes is exhausted. Accordingly, we have begun with the smallest urn as they have run out.

EVERMORE proudly offers numerous artisanal memorial items from Canadian, if not local, artists for those looking for truly one-of-a-kind options for their one-of-a-kind pets. Click here to browse our carefully curated offering.

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